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Top 25 industries with the highest demand for printed matter in 2018-2019
Release time£º2020-12-11 23:09:35


Piworld, the portal website of the US printing industry, released an overview forecast of the printing industry of "the hot market of printing demand in 2018-2019". The annual research project identified the top 25 industries with the highest demand for printing products in 2018-2019 by making statistics, correlation and summary of various resources and information.
In these 25 industries (markets), the top three printing demands are: food packaging printing, medical / pharmaceutical and publishing printing. Food packaging printing demand ranked first, pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical packaging remained second. The traditional print centric publishing / non newspaper industry jumped from fifth to third place in 2017.
At first glance, this seems to be a bit against the trend of social development, especially in view of the fact that people have been not optimistic about paper media in recent years, and think that traditional printing products are in the end. However, this does not take into account the surge in demand for short-term, special interest, personalized printed publications.