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What is the future core competitiveness of printing enterprises?
Release time£º2020-12-11 23:09:25


With the slogan of environmental protection constantly sounded in the world, people deeply understand the importance of environmental protection to human survival and sustainable development. Therefore, it is urgent to launch green projects, develop green products and meet the requirements of environmental protection. With the emergence of various green products, it is necessary to require better green packaging and more suitable green printing materials and corresponding printing methods.
Flexographic printing is a more environmentally friendly printing method. With the maturity of technology and the popularity of environmental protection concept, flexographic printing just meets the needs of this era, and has increasingly become the preferred green printing process at home and abroad. From the current market point of view, affect the development of printing enterprises, the focus is still printing equipment. In terms of the current equipment demand of printing industry, flexographic printing equipment has gradually replaced mechanical shaft gravure printing equipment, flexographic printing application will get long-term development in China.
At present, flexographic printing is considered to be a more environmentally friendly printing method. Among the flexographic printing machines, the satellite flexographic printing machine is the most important machine. In foreign countries, the satellite flexographic printing machine is the most commonly used. Next, I will briefly introduce its features.
The main features of satellite flexographic printing machine are high registration accuracy, stable mechanical action, strong adaptability of printing materials, simple operation, economic durability, simple maintenance, uniform ink application, strong mechanical stability, long service life, etc. In terms of structure, the whole machine of satellite flexographic printing machine is simple. It is not only convenient to operate, but also easy to maintain. In addition, the satellite flexo printing machine equipment has high overprint accuracy.