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What are the factors that affect the life of paper tape filter
Release time2020-12-10 16:43:28

Paper belt filter is used for filtering coolant in metal grinding or other processing. It is mainly composed of liquid tank, waste cloth box, filtering non-woven fabric, transmission structure, transmission mechanism, driving device, water buffer device, electric control device and liquid pump, etc. If improper operation in the process of use, it will affect the service life of the machine. Next, let's analyze the factors that affect the service life of the paper tape filter
1. Unreasonable use of filter plate of paper tape filter
The filter plate of the paper belt filter is an important part of the filter. Before the filter is started, it is necessary to carefully check whether the quantity of the filter plate is within the normal range. Too few filter plates will damage the filter press and other parts, and too many filter plates will affect the normal operation of the filter press. The filter cloth should not be folded to prevent uneven filtration and large area leakage.
2. The size of the filter material of the paper tape filter does not conform to the specifications of the machine
The size of filter material has an important influence on the service life of paper filter. Different specifications of paper tape filter have strict regulations on the size of the filter. The size of the filter exceeding the range increases the burden of the tape filter. In order to meet the normal filtering requirements, the paper belt filter will exert pressure far beyond the design capacity on the filter plate, sometimes even more than several times according to the size of the filter. If the paper belt filter is in full load operation for a long time, it is bound to cause the paper filter to be overloaded, seriously damage the parts and components, and greatly reduce the service life.
3. The influence of paper belt filter on Environment
In the process of industrial production, humidity and dust are the major environmental factors that affect the filter. Although the paper filter production will be moisture-proof and dust-proof treatment, but also can not avoid accidents. Therefore, the environment where the paper belt filter is located should be ventilated as much as possible to reduce the humidity. In the circuit of the paper belt filter, dust removal should be carried out regularly. The dust is easy to absorb the moisture in the air. If it is not handled in time, hidden dangers will be buried in the safety production.
Only the correct operation and use of paper tape filter, to ensure its normal operation, we must pay attention to when using!